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Managing Clients, and driving growth —it's a lot to juggle!

Launch a Stress-Free Growth Strategy

HOW? Sign Up for GetMarko, and we'll create a custom Customer Journey Automation and help you boost your business efficiency.

We understand that building your sales, marketing, and even customer service systems can be complex and time-consuming, and that's why we are here for, to help you streamline your marketing and sales with automation.

Our team of Keap certified partners and marketing operations experts will build custom CRM and Sales and marketing automation platform, CRM, and help run your campaigns, saving you time, money and effort.

Your marketing should make your life easier

Have you experienced any of these marketing frustrations?

The struggle to do it all by yourself.

Marketing agency too expensive or breaking their promises.

Terrific product or service, but few poor quality leads generated.

Spending too much time and effort trying to build Funnels, Landing Pages, and learning how to build advanced automations with Keap, or any other tool.

You Deserve to love Your Marketing

Hi there!

I’m Daniel Vargas, lead Marketing Automation partner. Since I've also been in the trenches after I left corporate America, I understand the challenges you are facing. However, you don't have to handle everything by yourself. For over five years, I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs like yourself in developing effective marketing strategies, websites, and sales funnels that boost their businesses.

Last but not least, I brought peace of mind to their entrepreneurial journey.

Implementing CRMs and automation since 2002.

Hundreds of advanced automations built and thousands implemented.

Keap Certified Partner

Thinkfic Agency Partner

Facebook and Google Ads Expert

From our customers

Trying to do it all by yourself is costing you sales, but it doesn't have to be that way.​

Tech Stack: Keap, Acuity Scheduling, Zappier, WordPress

Revolutionizing Golf Academy Marketing and Sales:

Southern California Golf Academy partnered with GetMarko by Team Daniel Vargas to transform their convoluted sales and Marketing automation process. Working closely with Academy Director Mike Maggs, GetMarko streamlined their strategy, built a clear automation plan, and executed it seamlessly in Keap. The result? Simplified processes, ready to improve lead conversions, and drive growth for the golf education leader.

How do you get started?

It's time to kick things off, so you can get more results with ease.

Step 1

Schedule a Discovery Call

Join a 20 minutes Zoom discovery call with Daniel Vargas, to discuss your business, specific needs, and the plan you need to streamline your marketing and sales efforts.

Step 2

Select a Plan and Sign Up

Discover our diverse package options, choose the one that perfectly aligns with your budget and business objectives, and sign up to embark on your journey.

Step 3

Let’s Get Things Done

Join the onboarding session for a tailored strategy. We’ll guide you through our Client Journey Automation framework for a successful implementation.

What Does Working With Us Look Like?​

Quick and Easy​

Our streamlined process and expert team helps you achieve your goals with no hassle

Productive and Effective

Unlock your potential with our results-driven approach. Take your business to the next level.

Skills we can put to work for you

Just tell us what you need, and we'll take care of it for you.

What you get:

No-pressure discovery call

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions?
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GetMarko is a monthly subscription service that offers done-for-you services for coaches, small business owners, and marketers. It provides ready-made campaigns and automation tools to streamline your marketing efforts.

GetMarko is ideal for coaches, small business owners and marketers who appreciate the power of automation tools like Keap. It is designed for those who have a clear understanding of the campaigns their business requires but lack the time or expertise to create them.

Yes, Either you as an expert or having a team member who can write campaign copy is beneficial. Although our Blueprint automations include copy that you can use as a starting point, GetMarko assumes that you have someone in your team who can handle the copywriting aspect of the campaigns.

GetMarko understands the need for quick results. If you want to move forward rapidly, GetMarko can help you achieve that. Our aim is to provide fast and effective solutions for your marketing automation needs.

When you subscribe to GetMarko, you will receive access to your onboarding strategy call, where we will help you develop a successful plan using our proven Client Journey Automation framework. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to benefit from at least one tactical coaching call each month to address your specific needs and provide guidance.

Yes, besides offering Keap services, GetMarko can also provide assistance with other tools that customers may be using in conjunction with Keap. We have the experience integrating and optimizing various tools to enhance your overall marketing automation experience. Whether you need help with CRM integrations, third-party app setups, or maximizing the efficiency of your Keap ecosystem, GetMarko is equipped to assist you. Here are some of tools we can help you with.

This basically allows you to throw in as many requests as your heart desires, with no limits on revisions. However, there’s a small catch: one request can be active at a time, while the others will be queued and processed in order.

Our Keap managed services covers a wide range of activities within and around a Keap account. This includes, but is not limited to, campaign build-out, landing pages, funnels, automations, integrations, and more. For specific details on what’s included, please consult skills we can put to work for you​.

If your Virtual Assistant (VA) primarily handles Keap-related tasks, chances are GetMarko can take over those responsibilities. However, if your VA serves a broader purpose beyond Keap, you may want to retain their services alongside GetMarko.

The workload achievable in a month varies based on the tasks at hand. On average, 2-4 full campaigns can be built and launched within this timeframe. Smaller requests allow for more tasks to be completed, while larger requests may take longer to fulfill.

Through our client portal. Upon subscribing, you’ll receive login credentials granting access to submit your request for GetMarko services.

Don’t worry! Your subscription includes a 1-2 hour call with a coach to help you create a detailed Lifecycle Automation plan. You’ll get guidance on selecting the right campaigns. Plus, you can join our weekly Automation Workshop calls for live expert support and direction.

If this is the case, reach out to us. There’s high chances that there are numerous automation opportunities waiting to be discovered, and we’ll be there to assist you in identifying them. We’ll make sure you extract the most value from these opportunities.

While GetMarko does not provide copywriting services, as a Keap customer, you can explore the free Copy Generator from Keap, or ask for additional help on the tools we use to generate our own copy.

While GetMarko specializes in funnel building, implementing and optimizing marketing automation strategies to supercharge your business growth, we do not provide standalone reporting features. Our main focus is on creating effective automation sequences, funnels, landing pages, crafting engaging campaigns, and optimizing your marketing efforts for results.

Reporting data, including email deliveries, open rates, click-through rates, sales/revenue, bounce rates, and more, can be accessed directly from the platforms we can help you with, such as Keap, Thinkific,  Kajabi, Facebook and Google Ads, Click Funnels, Pabbly, and others. These platforms provide robust reporting tools that offer in-depth insights into your campaigns’ performance.

Absolutely! While we don’t provide dedicated reporting, you can use a strategy call to help you interpret the data provided by the platforms you use. We can guide you in understanding the metrics, so you make informed decisions to optimize your marketing efforts.

At GetMarko, our primary focus ison implementing and optimizing marketing automation and Operations to help businesses grow. While reporting and data analytics are valuable, they often come with increased costs. To keep our services affordable and efficient, we prioritize providing strategic guidance through our 60-minute monthly strategy calls. These calls allow us to address your specific reporting needs, offer insights, and help you make informed decisions while keeping costs under control. We believe that this approach empowers you to maximize the benefits of automation without unnecessary overhead.

No problem! You’ll have a 1-hour strategy call with a coach to define the marketing strategies for your business. After the call, you’ll receive a detailed list of requests to submit to GetMarko and make your marketing plan a reality.

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