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Dear Tax Resolution professional

If you’re in tax resolution, you know there are those who chase after clients non-stop and those who seem to have clients come to them effortlessly.

The secret isn’t just being smart or skilled. It’s not about having some special money-making talent either.

What really sets them apart? They use the right tools that help their business grow smoothly and give them the freedom they want.

But here’s what happens a lot: Tax pros trying to grow their business can get lost with all the different marketing advice out there. One person says to focus on LinkedIn, another says webinars are the way to go, and another says Facebook ads or Google Ads, and some others recommend to start sending, literally, the same letters everyone one else is sending to your peers and see if you can get any momentum; but nothing happens 🙁

With so many choices, it’s easy to feel like giving up, especially when every decision feels risky and important.

You want to avoid mistakes. You want to get it right from the start and not waste time or money.

You’re aiming for a business that not just grows, but leaps ahead right from the beginning.

That’s where GetMarko by Team Daniel Vargas comes in with our Zero-Stress Tax Business Growth Formula.

We’ve made marketing and sales automation easy, especially for tax pros. Our tools do more than get you leads—they help you keep clients for the long haul. GetMarko and our Zero-Stress Tax Business Growth Formula, is more than a tool; we’re your team.

Ready to make your business better, without the hassle?


Here’s Your Chance To Grab Proven Tools And Resources to Supercharge your tax business

The Marketing Automation Playbook

The Marketing Automation Playbook (MAPb) unlocks our vault of elite campaigns that you can seamlessly adapt for your business.

The actionable strategies in the Zero-Stress Tax Business Growth Formula will help you:

In just two weeks, you’ll have everything you need to make your business run smoother, grow faster, and get bigger without the wait.

You’ll find shortcuts that would’ve taken years and cost a small fortune to figure out on your own. With these, you can:

  1. Turn more prospects into customers. Drawing people in is one thing, but getting them to actually spend money is another. You’ll learn how to do this in a friendly way, without being pushy or making anyone uncomfortable.
  2. Keep your customers coming back for more. A lot of businesses always look for new customers and forget about the ones they already have. You’ll know how to make your customers so happy that they’ll want to keep buying from you, which means more sales over time.
  3. Boost referrals effortlessly. The best kind of new customers are the ones friends or family send your way. They’re likely to want to do business with you before they even walk in the door. You won’t have to work so hard finding new people because they’ll come to you after hearing good things!
  4. Nurture the folks who aren’t ready to become a client yet. It’s true, not everyone will become a customer on the spot. Many businesses lose out because they ignore these potential customers, chasing only the few who buy immediately. You’ll have a friendly way to keep in touch with the rest until they’re ready to purchase.

Plus, think of all the time and money you’ll save while your business grows. This system isn’t just about making more money; it’s about doing it in a smarter, more efficient way.

Here Are The Campaigns You’ll Get When You claim your offer Today

Tax Resolution Lead Activation Series

Engage new leads effectively with our 'Tax Resolution Lead Activation Series.' Tailored communications, educational content, and a strategic follow-up approach transform initial interest into active client engagement, setting the stage for successful conversions in the complex world of tax resolution.

Ongoing Tax Insight Engagement

Nurture potential clients over time with our 'Ongoing Tax Insight Engagement' series. This program delivers regular, value-rich content on tax resolution, keeping your firm top-of-mind and steadily guiding leads towards conversion with insightful, trust-building communications.

Path to Resolution Consult Closer

Our 'Path to Resolution Consult Closer' streamlines the journey from consultation request to client commitment. This focused approach enhances client readiness for consultations and effectively encourages decisive action, ensuring a higher rate of successful closures post-consultation.

Client Satisfaction Pulse Check

The 'Client Satisfaction Pulse Check' gauges client happiness and loyalty through concise, insightful surveys. This feedback tool is essential for continuous improvement, helping you refine your services and strengthen client relationships, ensuring your firm consistently meets and exceeds expectations.

Welcome Aboard Tax Relief Journey

Our 'Welcome Aboard Tax Relief Journey' is a warm, informative onboarding process for new clients. It sets clear expectations, outlines the tax resolution process, and assures clients they've made the right choice, fostering confidence and comfort from the start of their journey with your firm.

Referral Booster Program

The 'Referral Booster Program' empowers satisfied clients to become active advocates. This initiative encourages and rewards client referrals, transforming their positive experiences into new opportunities, and effectively expanding your client base through trusted, word-of-mouth marketing.

Tax Mastery Event Countdown

Our 'Tax Mastery Event Countdown' effectively builds anticipation and maximizes participation for upcoming tax-related events. This campaign ensures high engagement for webinars, workshops, or seminars, turning each event into a not-to-miss opportunity for both current clients and prospects.

Webinar Engagement Maximizer

The 'Webinar Engagement Maximizer' is designed to elevate the impact of your online seminars. This strategy boosts attendee involvement and interaction during your webinars, ensuring each session is not just informative but also a compelling, engaging experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Building Trust in Tax Resolution

Our 'Building Trust in Tax Resolution' campaign is tailored to establish your firm as a trusted authority in tax resolution. By sharing expert insights, success stories, and client testimonials, we foster a strong sense of reliability and expertise, crucial for winning client confidence and loyalty.

Strategic Call Conversion Blueprint

The 'Strategic Call Conversion Blueprint' revolutionizes how you handle phone interactions with potential clients. This methodical approach turns initial calls into opportunities for conversion, guiding prospects through a well-crafted, follow-up journey that significantly increases the chances of securing their commitment.

Remember, You Don’t Have
To Do Any hard Work On Your Part!

With the “Click of a button”, these campaigns will pop right into your Keap CRM.

It’s way easier than trying to make these campaigns from scratch and making a bunch of mistakes along the way.

Why deal with all that stress and hassle when I’ve already sorted it out for you?

Just use the stuff I’ve set up… and RELAX!

Like I’ve said, you might not have started using these campaigns because there’s just too much stuff out there to figure out.

Or maybe you’ve been too busy grabbing quick wins and haven’t had the time to think about making these campaigns.

(And that’s totally okay. We all have those moments when we need to focus on the now to keep things moving.)

But deep down, you know you’ve got to keep in touch with people who aren’t ready to buy yet…

…AND you’ve got to keep talking to your potential customers, so they come to trust you and eventually buy from you.

That’s where the Zero-Stress Tax Growth Formula™ steps in.

I’ve done the tough work already, so you can save your energy!

The Marketing Automation Playbook Is For The Following:

To your success,

Daniel Vargas

P.S. Marketing Automation Playbook™ is here to turn your leads into paying customers, increase how much your customers spend over time, and keep a steady flow of referrals coming in — all essential for your business to thrive.

I've already done the hard work for you. Book now and skip the long, hard road of figuring things out by trial and error!

So Get An “Unfair Advantage” Over Your Competition By Investing In
The Zero-Stress Tax Business Growth Formula

Gain a competitive edge in the tax resolution industry.

Hiring someone to craft these marketing campaigns from scratch could set you back a hefty sum, easily reaching into the tens of thousands.

Or, you might opt to invest countless hours to write and develop them on your own.

The catch is in the continuous cycle of testing and tweaking, fine-tuning and improving these campaigns until they hit the mark.

Considering all the effort and resources that go into this process, it would be reasonable to value such a comprehensive collection of campaigns at $25,000 — that’s just a fraction of what it would cost in terms of your time and money to start from ground zero.

But here’s the good news — you won’t be paying $25,000 or $10,000.

You won’t even be spending $5,000 

Get access to the transformative power of the Zero-Stress Tax Business Growth Formula, is available to you for just a single payment of…


The cost is small, especially when you think about the new customers you’ll bring in every month — customers you wouldn’t have reached otherwise.

It’s also way better than trying to piece together bits of advice from all over the place or paying a lot for a professional writer to do it.

Not bad at all for just $1,740, right? With this, you could multiply your investment by 10 times, maybe even 100 times, once you have the right strategies to hit your income targets.

So come on board today. Stop wasting time guessing which methods will boost your business.

Find everything you need in one place, so you can be confident you’re using the right tactics to grow your business!

To your success,

Daniel Vargas

P.S. The Zero-Stress Tax Growth Formula™ is here to turn your leads into paying customers, increase how much your customers spend over time, and keep a steady flow of referrals coming in — all essential for your business to thrive.

I've already done the hard work for you. Sign up now and skip the long, hard road of figuring things out by trial and error!

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