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Dear Tax Resolution professional

If you’re in tax resolution, you know there are those who chase after clients non-stop and those who seem to have clients come to them effortlessly.

The secret isn’t just being smart or skilled. It’s not about having some special money-making talent either.

What really sets them apart? They use the right tools that help their business grow smoothly and give them the freedom they want.

But here’s what happens a lot: Tax pros trying to grow their business can get lost with all the different marketing advice out there. One person says to focus on LinkedIn, another says webinars are the way to go, and another says Facebook ads or Google Ads, and some others recommend to start sending, literally, the same letters everyone one else is sending to your peers and see if you can get any momentum; but nothing happens 🙁

With so many choices, it’s easy to feel like giving up, especially when every decision feels risky and important.

You want to avoid mistakes. You want to get it right from the start and not waste time or money.

You’re aiming for a business that not just grows, but leaps ahead right from the beginning.

That’s where GetMarko by Team Daniel Vargas comes in with our Zero-Stress Tax Business Growth Formula.

We’ve made marketing and sales automation easy, especially for tax pros. Our tools do more than get you leads—they help you keep clients for the long haul. GetMarko and our Zero-Stress Tax Business Growth Formula, is more than a tool; we’re your team.

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Here’s Your Chance To Grab Proven Tools And Resources to Supercharge your tax business

The Marketing Automation Playbook

The Marketing Automation Playbook unlocks our vault of elite campaigns that you can seamlessly use for your business.

Level up with Marketing and Sales Automation

Here Are some of the automations You’ll Get,
plus new automations as they are released

Lead Generators

Referral Booster Program

Automated Tax newsletter

Fulfillment and Onboarding

Marketing campaign package

Webinar Engagement Maximizer

Tax Resolution Lead Activation

And more...

Daniel Vargas

Search & Advertising Manager

A service made for businesses looking for more local leads

Our Website SEO Audit is tailored for local businesses who are ready to level up their current site and get more qualified leads. We recommend the website SEO analysis for anyone who has difficulty acquiring enough local traffic and needs solid, actionable advice on what to do next.

Daniel Vargas

The Marketing Automation Playbook™ is here to turn your leads into paying customers, increase how much your customers spend over time, and keep a steady flow of referrals coming in — all essential for your business to thrive.

I've already done the hard work for you. Book now and skip the long, hard road of figuring things out by trial and error!

Stop missing opportunities, mishandling tasks, or losing leads!

Getmako's Marketing Automation Playbook is the optimal choice for CPAs, Tax Attorneys, and Enrolled Agents aiming to boost their leads, opportunities, and sales with minimal effort.

Ready for streamlined, impactful marketing?

What happens when you implement automated marketing systems


Automate Repetitive Tasks

Exhausted from repetitive, time-consuming tasks? GetMarko can help you streamline these for you. Our automation frees up your time, enabling you to concentrate on the crucial parts of your business.


Improve Accuracy and Consistency

Our team conducts a thorough tecnical inspection of problems on your website, delivering clear, actionable advice to resolve them, guiding you towards an improved ranking path.


Cost & Time Savings

Streamlining your business with automation with GetMarko can drastically cut costs. Expect to see reduced labor expenses, fewer costly mistakes, and a boost in operational efficiency.


Scale and Grow

Expand your business with GetMarko's automation, minimizing staff costs and ensuring ongoing support tailored to your growing needs.

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